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We humans are underrated!
This is a creation of a first global human interaction platform
Regenium presents first cryptocurrency with emission based on real usefulness for society and nature - Regen coin. Make useful actions and receive reward. This is an absolutely new ethical and ecological variation of a mining process
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Together we can make human prosperity and planet regeneration
Pitch Deck is here
Everyday we work hard to make our project real!
Today we are witnessing incredible changes in all spheres of human life. Modern technologies give us many opportunities to improve people's lives and preserve nature. Further extensive growth is impossible, it is necessary to stop thinking the old way, we need to rethink ourselves and restore our lost values. Regenium is not only a software product, it's a movement, and moreover, the Renaissance and Regeneration in the Brave New World. Hand in hand, helping each other, caring for our planet, we - Humanity are ready to strive forward to universal prosperity
For Planet regeneration and Humans prosperity
In Regenium we rethought mining process. You can be a Creator and earn rewards without expensive equipments and power consumptions

Create useful actions in real world, our algorithm Proof of Helpfulness verificate it with consensus of Regents, and this is the basis for emission of Regen coins

Our project is the first planetary and decisive step towards universal unconditional basic income, beginning with Creators useful actions
Minimum viable product is almost ready!
In Regenium you can be
You can be one of, or all at once
Create Useful actions for society and nature. Earn Regens and get Value Likes from Community
With other Regents you can verificate Creators Useful actions. You can earn Regen coins for each action
You can watch Useful actions, coomunicate with Community, give Value Likes and use all functionality
What is Regenium platform?
It's the first human interaction platform
To reward you for creating
useful actions for society and nature.
Regenium also provides RGX (Regen coins) you when you verificate Creators actions as Regent.
And we are completely fair and transparent
Why Regenium platform?
Because we are not just consumers
You are finally rewarding for useful actions creating
What is Regenium modules?
Our own microservices or b2b partnership
We can improve functionality of our platform with different modules. These capabilities are provided by our advanced architecture
What is RegenX?
MainApp for iOS and Android devices
With all integrated functionality for our Community
What is Regenium Foundation?
NonCommercial organization
Providing worldwide useful initiatives for planet regeneration and humans prosperity
Our Vision
Regenium is a revolution in usefulness, making regeneration for Earth and prosperity for humanity
We won't exploit our Community.
We will give them the opportunity to be useful
Ambassador program
Step by step in all regions of the world
In Regenium, a significant role is played by chains of caring people around the world who will help to plan the creation of large-scale useful actions by Creators, they will also act as envoys of Regenium's idea of a responsible attitude towards society and nature

From Human 2 Human with love.
Peer-to-peer interactions as promised!

First Regenium modules
In Regenium blockchain we provide a place for data from 100 modules, covering most of the spheres of human interactions
Useful actions
You actions should benefit society and nature. Basis for emission of Regen coins
Marketplace of talents, services and goods with smart contracts secured H2H interactions
Crowdfunding for Creators to start their own business with nature and society benefits
Smart contract to transfer your wealth in favor of Regenium Foundation or your heir
Secured payments which can help you to cancel incorrect or fraudulent payment
Decentralized cryptocurrency and payment gateway to convert Regen coins
Program that supporting
iconic creators with a benefits from partners
Set tasks, achieve goals and improve your personality. Get reward and compete with other users
Leave a mark about your useful action in AR, which can help Community to reward you in real world

Calling all Creators!

Our advantages
In the Regenium we created a series of solutions that make our project useful to humanity and our beautiful planet Earth
Our MainApp for iPhone and Android devices, where you can use all platform functionality
Regenium Foundation
NonCommercial organization that provides collaborations with charities
Community of Regents which coordinates planetary Regenium movement
Value Like
Encouraging the Creators from Regenium community for their Useful actions
We provide different solutions to simplify and improve human interactions
Proof of Helpfulness
Our algorithm is based on dPoS, each useful action is confirmed by consensus of Regents

Regenium the time has come!

What is Regen Coin (RGX)?
The contender for the first massive cryptocurrency on the planet, provided with useful actions of the Creators
Stock exchange ticker RGX
Regen Coin will be presented systematically and with progress on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, this will ensure liquidity and awareness
Everyone wants to become the owner of Regen Coin, because he will allow to feel better, help the world and bring benefits to society and nature
Restricted issue
In addition to the initial sale, the issue will take place 3 years after the launch of MainNet, then the Creators are encouraged by Value Likes and direct donations
The Regenium API will allow partners to be connected both in the business environment and in charity for direct payment for goods and services
Liquidity and convertibility
The presence of the decentralized module RegeX in the ecosystem will provide users with an easy way to transfer from Fiat to Crypto and back
Advanced DLT technologies will enable us to achieve outstanding efficiency and expansion of the Regenium ecosystem for common prosperity
Distribution of Regen coins
The reward for creating efficiencies is as follows
70% for Creator of useful action
10% for the referral program of the League of Creators
10% to the Regenium Foundation
10% for Regents which verifying useful action
Regenium Team
Experienced professionals passionate
about philanthropy and tech
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